From Hours of discovery to the extraordinary tastes


Dalmatian Prosciutto
60 kn

100 g

Sheep Cheese
60 kn

100 g

Mollusc and potato salad
90 kn
Sea Flavours Plate
85 kn

Marinated sea bass, tuna pate, salted anchovies, marinated shrimps, cherry tomato, parsley creme


Beef Soup
30 kn / 3.98 Eur

clear beef soup with noodles

Tomato Soup
30 kn / 3.98 Eur

cream tomato soup with rice

Fish Soup
35 kn / 4.70 Eur

soup with small chunks of fish and rice

cold&warm salads

Beef salad
120 kn / 15.93 Eur

Grill beef, rocked salad, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, grana padano cheese

Ceasar salad
95 kn / 12.61 Eur

Grilled chicken fillet, pancetta (smoked ham), Iceberg salad, croutons, mayonnaise sauce, grana padano cheese

Tuna salad with grana padano chips
95 kn / 12.61 Eur

Grilled tuna on rocket salad and cherry tomatoes, grana padano chips


18 kn / 2.39 Eur
Sheep Cheese 30g
25 kn / 3.32 Eur
Anchovies 30g
25 kn / 3.32 Eur
Tuna Pate
25 kn / 3.32 Eur

warm appetizer

Homemade Pasta Pljukanci With Turkey In Truffle Sauce
130 kn

Truffle sauce, turkey, homemade pasta pljukanci

Risotto With Vegetables
90 kn / 11.95 Eur

Fresh seasonal vegetables, rice

Black Ravioli With Adriatic Shrimp
140 kn / 18.60 Eur

Cuttlefish sauce, black ravioli with Adriatic shrimps

Black Risotto With Cuttlefish
130 kn / 17.30 Eur

cuttlefish sauce, olive oil crème, broad beans, rice

Risotto With Shrimps
145 kn / 19.24 Eur

Shrimp tales risotto, cherry tomato, parsley crème, rice

White Tagliatelle With Shrimps And Zucchini
130 kn / 17.25 Eur

Umak od škampa i tikvica, tagliatelle

meat specialties

Grilled Beefsteak
230 kn / 30.53 Eur

Grilled beef tenderloin steak, Dalmatian style green beans, roasted potatoes

Turkey Medallions In Gorgonzola And Pear Sauce
130 kn / 17.30 Eur

Turkey breasts medallions, gorgonzola and pear sauce, gnocchi

Meat Platter “2Fisherman” for two
360 kn / 47.78 Eur

Beef tenderloins, turkey breast medallions, pork tenderloins, grilled vegetables, french fries

190 kn / 25.30 Eur

Grilled rump steak with bone, grilled vegetables

Chicago Steak
240 kn / 31.90 Eur

Grilled beef steak 300 g, grilled vegetables, french fries

sea specialties

Grilled Sea Bass
145 kn / 19.24 Eur

Swiss chard on dalmatian way

Tuna Steak
150 kn / 19.91 Eur

Tuna, swiss chard Dalmatian style, olive oil crème

Fish Tris
160 kn / 21.30 Eur

Tuna, monk fish in pancetta bacon, sea bass fillet, cherry tomato, parsley creme, swiss chard Dalmatian style

Grilled Squid
160 kn / 21.30 Eur

Swiss chard on Dalmatian way, olive oil crème

Shrimp Zadar Style With Polenta
190 kn / 25,30 Eur

Shrimp, tomato sauce, polenta

Fish Platter ‘2 Fishermen’ (For 2)
480 kn / 63.70 Eur

White fish, calamari, scampi, tuna, swordfish, mussels, swiss chard Dalmatian style

Monk fish with dalmatian pancetta (bacon)
180 kn / 23.90 Eur

Swiss chard dalmatian style, cherry tomatoes, parsley crème

Fried squid
135 kn / 17.92 Eur

Fried squid with french fries