From Hours of discovery to the extraordinary tastes


Pag’s cheese
80 kn

100 g

Savor sardines
70 kn

Sardines marinated in seasonal vegetables juice, cucumber, apple

Dalmatian prosciutto
80 kn

100  g

Sea Flavours Plate
80 kn

Marinated sea bass, tuna pate, salted anchovies, marinated shrimps, cherry tomato, parsley creme

Octopus Salad
95 kn

Octopus, rocket salad, olives, cherry tomato

Tuna carpaccio
90 kn

Thin sliced tuna, parsley mayonnaise, citrus and olive oil emulsion


Beef Soup
25 kn

clear beef soup with noodles

Tomato Soup
25 kn

cream tomato soup with rice

Fish Soup
25 kn

soup with small chunks of fish and rice

cold&warm salads

Ceasar salad
80 kn

Grilled chicken fillet, pancetta (smoked ham), Iceberg salad, croutons, mayonnaise sauce, grana padano cheese

Nostromo Salad
90 kn

grilled fresh tuna chunks on a foundation of rocket and cherry tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese

warm appetizer

Beetroot Risotto
80 kn

Beetroot risotto, fresh cheese with shallot, grana padano cheese, rice

Black Risotto With Cuttlefish
90 kn

cuttlefish sauce, olive oil crème, broad beans, rice

Risotto With Shrimps
105 kn

Shrimp tales risotto, cherry tomato, parsley crème, rice

Black Tagliatelle With Cuttlefish And Broad Beans
95 kn

Cuttlefish sauce, broad bean, grana Padano cheese, dark tagliatelle

White Tagliatelle With Shrimps And Zucchini
100 kn

Umak od škampa i tikvica, tagliatelle

Seafood White Tagliatelle Pasta
100 kn

Shrimps sauce, clams and mussels, pasta

Meatball Spaghetti
75 kn

Meatballs in tomato sauce, spaghetti

meat specialties

Veal Escalope
110 kn

grilled veal steak, roasted potatoes, roasted pepper creme

Grilled Beefsteak
180 kn

Grilled beef tenderloin steak, Dalmatian style green beans, roasted potatoes

File Mignon With Prosciutto And Truffles
195 kn

File mignon with prosciutto and truffles from Zadar

Turkey Medallions In Gorgonzola And Pear Sauce
100 kn

Turkey breasts medallions, gorgonzola and pear sauce, gnocchi

sea specialties

Mussels On Buzara Way
75 kn

Mussels with white wine, garlic, parsley and olive oil sauce

Grilled Sea Bass
130 kn

Swiss chard on dalmatian way

Grilled Tuna Steak
120 kn

Tuna, swiss chard Dalmatian style, olive oil crème

Fish Tris
130 kn

Tuna, monk fish in pancetta bacon, sea bass fillet, cherry tomato, parsley creme, swiss chard Dalmatian style

Grilled Squid
115 kn

Swiss chard on Dalmatian way, olive oil crème

Shrimp Zadar Style With Polenta
220 kn

Shrimp, tomato sauce, polenta

Fish Platter ‘2 Fishermen’ (For 2)
460 kn

White fish, calamari, scampi, tuna, swordfish, mussels, swiss chard Dalmatian style

Monk fish with dalmatian pancetta (bacon)
120 kn

Swiss chard dalmatian style, cherry tomatoes, parsley crème


30 kn

With cottage cheese

Triple Chocolate Cake
30 kn

Biscuit with almonds, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate

Panna Cotta
25 kn

Panna cota with berries

Dalmatian Rozata
25 kn

Caramel cream in sauce